I left crescent city playing tag with the rain along the redwood highway until the tunnel on the other side the rain held off long enough to set up. Rained heavily all night, then yesterday was unexpectedly, a clear, sunny day. So I did the 4 miles around cathedral trails outside grants pass then another five at lower table trail about twenty miles up the rouge river. Two trails with different sets of trees, plants and flowers. Rolling wooded Cathedral dominated by red indian paintbrush and violet shooting stars, also called birds’ beak under moss coated pines and deciduous. Table trail rising 800 feet transitioning through 6 climes with different trees, brush, flowers, some found only, yes, only there. A much greater variety on table, my favorite flower was the perfect red bell, reminding of my yet unpublished poem, bells. At the top of table is a flat tireless horseshoe snapped plateau more than a mile wide, a field of varied wild flowers and vernal pools w fairy shrimp and a 360 view including snow covered mountains in the distance. One of the most incredible places I’ve been. The moss and lichens, adorned with the tiniest flowers perfect in size for boquets and garlands for elves.

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