Ten Falls Trail

Rain most of the drive Monday from Grants Pass to the Willamette Valley and Salem, Oregon, 200 miles crossing a series of mountains and valleys running west towards the coast. The rain let up when I arrived. I Have been lucky with the weather lately with rain on travel days that paused for set-up.

I have developed a method to my stays in an area. I stop in at the office, to ask about places to go, restaurants, sites, and such, not only locally but ahead. Thus, I decide my next destinations. Yesterday, I learned the most-do hike was the Ten Falls Trail at the nearby Silver Falls State Park.

Heavy rain was predicted starting at 2 for Tuesday, then thunderstorms into Wednesday ending Thursday morning. I had a window Tuesday morning for hiking. I started from the trailhead for the Ten Falls Trail, 7.2 miles, 400 feet, twice. The easy Canyon Trail leads down to and then along the rivers to eight of the falls, behind four falls. The Middle North Falls was a wide sheet of falling water draped from above like a curtain, whereas other falls fell like they had been poured from tea pots, thin strips of thundering water, crashing into rocks below, and other falls were like buckets tipped over, torrents plunging. I could hear the falls before seeing them. In the caves behind the falls, the sound reverberated sounding, I expected to hear a train, not a jet plane. The rain started as I entered the parking lot finishing my hike in four hours, including a stop at the store to buy a souvenir pin for my collection.

The weather is cooler here north of the mountains I crossed, spring has fallen behind. Alas, my allergies returned. The daffodils are blooming, once they go away, so will my allergies.

The pics are from behind Middle North Falls, South Fall, and the walk.

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