Astoria, Bowpicker, and Lewis and Clark National Park

Rain expected to clear out later possibly, so up to Astoria and the mouth of the Columbia River. A beautiful drive along the coast north of Garibaldi with a spectacular view of Manzanita. In Astoria, Bowpicker fish and chip, reportedly number 3 in the country, good portions, fair price almost as good as St. Andrew’s Lenten Fish Fry, beer-battered cod in Saline, Michigan. OK, I’m biased.

On the way back, stopped at Fort Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark wintered for tree months. The Fort is a reconstruction as the original rotted away and then was burned down years ago. The Fort seemed indefensible to me. When I asked about this, a ranger explained that this was their best effort based upon the info they had, but certain features may be inaccurate, incomplete, or altered in favor of durability of the structure. Lewis and Clark only needed the structure for three months, so it is likely the current structure is better made and with different materials. What most impressed me was the crafts and attire of the rangers. A film detailed the preparations, supplies, and craft involved in the cross-country trip. For example, the gunpowder was sealed in lead boxes which when melted could be turned into bullets to be fired by the gunpowder. The ranger at the Fort itself was still and shocked me when she moved. In her period get-up, she melded into the display perfectly. I asked for permission to take her photo, which she granted.

In the afternoon, the weather cleared somewhat, clear, clouds, rain, clear, clouds, rain, repeat. Hopefully the weekend will clear up. The coast seems drier than 10 miles inland where the mountains rise.

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