6 and arrival in Portland

The route from Tillamook to Portland runs through the Tillamook State Forest, a pretty drive, often narrow, two-handed drive. Arriving, I set up, grocery shopped, and did a quick drive around to get a handle on where I am. Almost on the Columbia River, so I will have some nice walks and pics.

My routine for setting up and tearing down is so well rehearsed, that even when interrupted, I scarcely need to think. One of the keys is to have little counts for each area, all I have to is look and four point check on stabilizer bars, 6 on the hitch, 6 windows; and so forth. Setting up: eye-ball level, maybe put one side on pads, chock tires, set in pads under lift, raise, then back to the count. I don’t bother with stabilizers on the corners, if the trailer is fairly level, it hardly wobbles, sea-legs I guess.

The major challenges of living in a trailer are: moisture build-up. the best way that I have found is to run the furnace until the trailer is hot -like 80, then open the door and run the ceiling fans to vent. Exercise: without running up and down stairs 100 times a day, I have to work at exercise, trying to get 20 miles in a week or more, plus calisthenics. Food: it is too expensive to eat out every day, so I try to work in special treats that I like: some are perhaps odd: one of my favorite breakfasts is kippers on toast with sliced tomatoes; or peanut butter toast with sliced tomatoes; or a bratwurst with kiwi on the side. One trick, cut off the end of a kiwi and scope it out like a soft-boiled egg. For snacks, I have started buying those prepared salad plates, which are expensive, but I never finish a head of lettuce etc. so getting a selection already prepped provides variety with less waste, and probably in cheaper than individual items. Boredom leads to overeating, so when I get the urge, I give myself 20 and I don’t feel hungry anymore. A drink helps w relaxation: my current favorite beer: Guinness Blond; mixed drink: Jack Daniels w tonic water – try it.

And writing: I am torn, do I focus on one of two stories, one for children maybe older children, and one for adults; or do I write a book about to travels putting in the poems as inspired without fitting into stories; or do I simply do a book of poems without context? For now, I am focusing on writing and figuring out where to put it later. So much inspiration!


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