Waterfalls, Waterfalls, Waterfalls and a Milestone

If Minnesota is Land of the Lakes, Oregon must be State of the Waterfalls. There are so many beautiful waterfalls. Today, I hiked 13 miles, over 3,000 feet up and down to visit 8 waterfalls. It was a wonderful, sunny, warm day that brought the flowers bursting into bloom. Early in the morning, it was purple and blue opening; by mid-day, yellow and red emerged; by afternoon, white and more varieties. I have arrived at Portland at the right time for the spring wildflower show began today.

On each major trail, I walked with different groups for a while. So, a shout-out to the boys from Nova Scotia and Newfoundland; to Evan and Brittany – from Michigan Hoorah!; and to the hiker prepping for El Camino, and I know I got this wrong, trail name of Arrealy. You look to be ready and you can do it – just eat enough, drink enough, and rest enough. Enjoy! It will be awesome.

The Falls: Upper and Lower Latourell, 4.2 mile loop, 800 feet, Bridal Veil, about 1 mile, 125 feet; Multnomah, 2.5 miles, 870 feet; Lower, Upper Horsetail, and Triple Falls, 5 miles 1,243 feet to Triple Falls; and Wakhenna – a hop, skip and jump, part way up. Throw in a couple side trails here and there, and OK, I went down the wrong trail once before figuring it out, but not very far, maybe .1 mile round-trip. Total tops 13 miles – the most in a day since the 15 mile Scout Trail without the elevation back in flat, flat Ohio at Oaks Opening last October.

Feet feel good; knees, fine; and I’m not overly tired. Today made me jealous of my friends hiking the PCT this year, but a through-hike takes so long and it is what you do everyday, day after day. Also, one 13 mile day is nothing compared to the PCT: they are doing that day after day, more or less. Still, some nights I wonder.

Today, I crossed into Washington, the last of the lower 48 for me to claim that I have been in. When I hike in Washington next week and Idaho soon thereafter, I will have hiked in 33 of the lower 48 and Alaska: missing “real” hikes in Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Carolina (maybe, might have back in the 80’s), Louisiana, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

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