Leaving Oregon

Tomorrow, May 15, I cross the Columbia into Washington on my way to Olympic Peninsula and the Hoh Rainforest. All in all, I enjoyed Oregon very much. It is a beautiful place, with many waterfalls, forests, farmland, welcoming people, and great trails well-worth hiking. I liked Grants Pass and Silverton the most, both of which are in the state of Jefferson, I believe. There is plenty of great hiking in and around Portland and I wanted to like Portland more, but I had watched the live-coverage of the Antifa riot on May 1. Shortly thereafter, I learned that an annual Rose Parade in East Portland had been cancelled due to threats by the Antifa against Republicans, not the KKK or some other far-right group, but the Republican Party which has had a float in the parade. Portland appears wonderful, and everyone was welcoming, but I wondered about the undercurrent of political violence that appears to be tolerated, if not condoned. Would I return to Oregon? Absolutely, I like Oregon very much.

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