Portland, Oregon

Spent some time exploring Portland in the rain on Thursday, Friday, before clear weather arrived Sunday afternoon. Portland has many nice features, including a selection of parks and trails that reminded me of Schenley Park in Pittsburgh, although more extensive and varied. Both have wide trails, cleaned on debris, running through “wild” city areas. Leif Ericson Trail was an easy climb for several miles, your choice how far, out-and-back, with three trails that I know of: Dogwood, Alpen, and Cherry Tree. I met a family, Blair, Max and Tom. Of all the people out, Max was having the most fun, riding his bike through every puddle, up and down, speckled in mud, grinning widely.

Sunday afternoon, I stopped by the winery of my new trail friends, Ryan and Kari, Enso Wines. Ryan had spent ten years touring in a band before settling down to become a maker of wines. He worked a year at a winery before starting his own business. Because I usually drink cabs, Kari suggested I sample their Americana blend and Malbec. Both were good. I liked the Malbec slightly more, ordered a glass, and purchased a bottle when I left. The bottle was autographed for me. I shall save it for a special occasion, maybe. While I enjoyed the Malbec, I also enjoyed a Pacific Pie Company, spinach and feta pie. The crust was superb and the filling delicious. I sat at the end of the bar, and although Kari was busy, she spent some time with me. I went back out to the truck to get a copy of my book to show her, and suggested she read one of my favorite poems, “I Knew.” It was a nice visit and a chance to get to know them better. If I were to return to Portland someday, I might hang out at Enso.


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