Reunion with a Trail Friend and Deception Pass

Been pushing myself since the beginning of April, so I took Wednesday off from hiking, including a long afternoon nap, then Thursday met my trail friend from the Appalachian Trail, Candypants, who is working on her RN here in Bellingham. It was great to see her again. We ate at Anthony’s, a local seafood restaurant chain recommended by my Michigan friend, Richard, who visits family in the area regularly. The food was very good, and my wine, a local cabernet, smooth. Best though was getting to know C. better, and to hear about other trail friends.

Friday morning I decided to hike around Deception Pass. Did so, got some nice pictures and met: Krusty, an ex-marine walking three dogs, and at the top of Goose Neck Viewpoint, Rick and Dick. Rick is quite the hiker, with Phantom Ranch, John Muir, parts of Switzerland and much, much more. It was fun to swap hiking stories with him. On the way up, I was ambushed by a stealth squirrel, sitting as still as a statue on a fence until I noticed him watching me. I wonder if he would have jumped me, if I got closer and didn’t feed him?

Next was Anacortes to hike Mount Erie, but every road I tried was blocked. Finally, it was getting late, so I left but the traffic was intense. Memorial Day weekend is the wrong time to head out there. Although it is very beautiful.

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