Leaving Glacier, heading over to Teddy Roosevelt National Park

Took the Swan Lake route back to Anaconda, about 5 hours, where I would rest and go to cheer Bamboo’s team at horseshoes. Saw 4 elk, 2 deer, a black bear, several hawks, and an eagle. The drive is at times forested, then in a valley between snow tipped dark blue-black mountains a mile or two away, towering 2,000 or more feet. It felt like I could reach out and touch them. Lastly, the drive is largely farmland.

The next day, I left the mountains for Big Sky Montana, and then the Badlands of the borderland of Montana and North Dakota. It really is big sky country. I understand why the god of the Mongols was the big blue sky that arches over all of us. The clouds were ever changing. 20,000 miles since leaving Ohio in October. Saw several more deer, and three antelope grazing on luscious green new farm plants, must think they are in heaven. Also, some buffalo and another eagle rising across the highway.


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