Theodore Roosevelt National Park


Well, it finally happened, an RV campground that put filling empty spaces ahead of the customer, not disclosing that I’d have to move every day, which totally disrupts the day whether sight seeing or hiking. Whatever happened to “the truth the whole truth…”

TRNP is a greener version of the Badlands National Park, generally dry, hilly, difficult to traverse in a covered wagon, or off road, but green enough to support prairie dogs and buffalo. Surprisingly, I counted 23 varieties of flowers. I wasn’t expecting that many. It had been three weeks since rain here. As luck would have it, I brought the rain with me, light, at times moderately heavy, but mostly off and on light. I’ll do more on Father’s Day.

Moved on over to Dickinson, counting 14 oil wells pumping in the 30 mile drive. Saw a sign advertising, “Fracking Good Deals….” Gasoline is cheap and OPEC is begging for mercy, guess we should thank the frackers for that.

Went to JD’s BBQ, which was the best brisket sandwich I’d had in a long time, and the best BBQ since Upnsmoke, but the baked beans were phenomenal.

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