Today I saw an eagle

Today I saw an eagle fly over the wild river portion of the Rogue River northwest of Grants Pass where kayakers need a permit to venture more for the rangers knowing they have gone down river than for any other reason. I gambled the weather forecast of the rain stopping around noon would hold twenty miles out at the Rainie Falls Trail, two miles down, two miles back, according to Alltrails 1,600 feet of elevation , but 400 high to low, on a wet, rocky trail the width of my hiking pole, in some areas pure jumbled, jagged rock, cut by waterfalls running streams across and down the trail, forming pools deeper than my boots. I loved every inch. Although wet from rain falling, water dripping off overhangs, and sweating, I was unsatisfied as I neared the end back at the beginning below the bridge: I wanted more. I could see the parking lot on the other side of the river, when the eagle reappeared. I stopped to watch him turn, gliding back over the river, then I lingered listening to the raging river roar. I left satisfied.

Pics: some of the waterfalls of Rainie Falls.


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