Mima Falls and onto Bellingham

A day of rest followed by a six mile easy hike to the popular Mima Falls in the Capitol State Park. Children were playing in the 25 foot high cascading waterfall.

The Mima loop looked interesting, but I hadn’t downloaded the map, so I walked about a mile and it seemed to be wandering away from where I wanted to go, so I turned around. Glad I did, because when I checked the map, the Loop wound for 12 miles before returning to connect with the Mima Falls six mile loop.

Onto Bellingham, Washington, on the border with Canada. Up 5, past Rainier, highway driving then suddenly coming over a hilltop, a spectacular view of Seattle. One of the top views of a city, in my humble opinion, reminded me of Duluth approaching from the east. No place to stop to for a picture in either case.



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