Leaving Couer d’Alene, for Anaconda, Montana, and friends

I left Coeur d’Alene well rested. I had only completed three hikes, 15 miles in total, not counting leisurely walks around the lake area. It is a tourist destination, a good place to relax, with many breweries near by.

The drive to Anaconda on I-90 over the mountains and through the passes was as beautiful, awe inspiring, and gratitude extracting, as any that I’ve taken. I particularly liked the tall pines standing like layers on layer of spires, large enough to stand out individually, not blending into a green background. In a marshy area, I might have seen a moose browsing. It passed so quickly, I cannot be certain.

I chose Anaconda, because my friends from the Appalachian Trail, Bamboo and Morning Kid, live near there. We had dinner last night, and reminisced some, but mostly talked about our futures and pasts. There is such an ease of being with old friends. They are humble, been to many places I wish I had been and done things I want to do, but never bragging. Just “I’ve been there.” It will be good hiking with them this week.

The water is running high and fast in the area, barely passing under bridges and straining at the banks.

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