Phillipsburg, Montana, and Awesome Montana beers

Friday, today, it was supposed to rain, thunderstorms, not quite, but I had gone to play tourist at Philipsburg, a popular tourist destination. A couple places had been recommended to me: Upnsmoke BBQ, the Sweet Palace, the Phillipsburg Brewery Company, and a bakery. I forgot about the bakery, but hit the rest, and the Montana Gems for some sapphires.

Upnsmoke is an excellent, prize winning BBQ restaurant, invited to select competitions. The walls are lined with ribbons and awards. It was superb, the best since Texas and Alabama.

The candy store has over 1100 different candies from around the world, not your common retail candy bars. It reminded me of the Montana Candy Emporium at Red Lodge, Montana. The fudge melted in my mouth. I bought a gift bag and some chocolates. Superb.

The Phillipsburg Brewery continued to impress me with the skill of the Pacific Northwest breweries. I had enjoyed their Haybag Hefeweizen earlier, so I sampled a few others, deciding their Late Ryeser Rye Saison was another favorite. Unfortunately, they don’t sell beer other than growlers at the brewery. I’m hoping I can find some in town.

My three favorites available retail have been: the Haybag, Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, and Mountain Man Scotch Ale. The flowers were by the side of the road.

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